stove pony records

and not just any pony

Stove Pony Records is a joint effort between Mule Freedom and What's Cookin' . Our first release was the stomp-tastic "What's Kickin' Vol 1" compilation. And its been all up hill from then delivering to you some of the tastiest sounds around. All are currently available from zingg records cargo records, select retailers and as a down-load from i-tunes.

Check out our myspace site where you can hear some of the tracks and discover much more about stovepony .

The full list runs alongside, and you can hear the tasty traveling rock and rollers, and many more, at What's Cookin' over in Leytonstone, Thursdays and some Saturdays and Sundays. It's free with a whip round to pay the artists, give it a go.

stove pony records not just any old pony

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