"the old straight track"

Stovepony Records wcmf002

Welcome, friends to the strange and wonderful world of The Artist Currently Known As ONIONS. Whether you're an existing appreciator of his work, someone who's heard the buzz and has become intrigued, or just a surfer who's happened by on a vegetable based mission, it maybe wouldn't hurt to know more. So here's the skinny...

Having had an itinerant childhood, based for the most part in Hong Kong and Chichester, our man Onions has travelled a strange, turbulent and meandering path, taking in rock, electro, industrial, punk, blues, psych and folk, embracing the rave, free festival and busking scenes. He has had hit singles in Spain, made countless TV appearances and played major UK and

European tours, eventually taking three years off to disappear into the colourful world of goat-herding on the Mediterranean island of Gozo, absorbing mystery trails and discovery of the outer limits and esoteric tunings. This brings us neatly to his present day explorations in past present and future musics.

At his hands you will hear the sounds of Southern swamps, Moroccan mountains, sweeping desert plains, drawing in influences from all corners of the Globe, and the people that live there, all the while rooted in the mysteries and histories of his beloved English landscape.

The album The Old Straight Track is a travelogue of his years spent adjusting and realigning himself to a world outside of rock hedonism, recorded over the past year in various sessions with the likes of Chuck E Peru (Florida/Morton Valence) and Chris Clarke (Rockingbirds/Alan Tyler/Horse Latitudes). We hope you'll like it and think you will and, if you do, that you will let us know. Indeed, even if you don't, please tell us. Onions has broad shoulders!

This has now sold out but is available to download at itunes and other download sites.

Onions " The Old Straight Track", Stovepony Records WCMF002

This is what you get for your money

1. Onion Peelings
2. Everybody Knows Her Name
3. One Way Out
4. Deep Blue
5. The Old Straight Track
6. The (Other) Hills Have Eyes
7. Watkinson Road Breakdown
8. What You Don't Know
9. Johnny Boy
10. Nights In The Stone Cave
11.The Life

Produced by Onions, along with Chris Clarke, Chuck E Peru and Paul Quinn, all of whom engineered, at Reservoir Studios, Stratford Rock City and Quinny's.
All tracks by Onions ©.
Mastered by Paul Quinn www.paulmquinn.co.uk
Front cover photgraph was taken by Malcolm Watson
Design by Martin Adams www.stolen-image.com
Onions is managed by Mule Freedom Management info@mulefreedom.com
Thanks to Gerry and Ramblin' Steve @ What's Cookin'... www.whatscookin.co.uk

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