"what's kickin'... vol 3"
Stovepony Records wcmf005

... and then there were three.

"I just could not wait", Elvis

Well, it's been rough and rocky travellin', as Willie once sang, but we've finally got our kickin' feet back on the ground, just long enough to bring you some more tasty morsels from the What's Cookin' kitchen.

Last time around, we pulled out all the stops to bring you a great and varied selection of our favourites, many of whom have gone on to become household names. Now we've pulled out even more stops to bring you the very hottest twangin', bangin', honkin', skronkin', kickin', pickin' and - if you will - wheezin' an' squeezin' sounds around. And lots of 'em!

So let's be green about it. To save you deforesting the planet by buying up each and every music mag and Sunday rag, just to find out who is supposedly this year's happenin' dude, we've gathered 'em all together for you on one handy bitesize CD. But that doesn't mean you don't need to come to the club, 'cos you know as well as we, that these here musical folk need your support to make it all worthwhile.

"What's Kickin'...vol 3", Stovepony Records WCMF005

Side 1

1. The Loving Cup 'Bring Along Your Lovers' (Vickers/Livesey). Rhythm section recorded by Gez at Sylum studio in Betws-y-Coed. Recorded and produced by Ronnie Stone at Area 51 studio in Birkenhead.
www.the-loving-cup.co.uk .

2. Norton Money 'Finest Virginia' (Jeremy Mendonca). Produced by Norton Money, recorded & engineered by Tim Bazell at Stemcell Studios, London. What's Kickin' exclusive!
www.myspace.com/nortonmoney .
www.nortonmoney.com .

3. The Curst Sons 'Hope Need Want' (T Dunkerley, W Kerr, D Simner). Taken from their current album 'Hey Moon'.
www.thecurstsons.co.uk .

4. Southern Tenant Folk Union 'Won't You Let Me In' (Pat McGarvey). Published by Santa Mira Music/Admin. Bug Music Ltd. Produced by Southern Tenant Folk Union, engineered & mixed by Chris Clarke at Reservoir Studios, London. What's Kickin' exclusive!
www.myspace.com/southerntenantfolkunion .

5. Hayman, Watkins, Trout & Lee 'Hotter Than Mojave' (Iris De Ment / Songs of Iris/Warner Chappell). What's Kickin' exclusive!
www.myspace.com/haymanwatkinstroutandlee .

6. Mysterious Benefactors 'Josephine' (Huw Evans/Mysterious Benefactors) Produced by Ed Deegan. What's Kickin' exclusive!
www.myspace.com/mysteriousbenefactors .

7. Gareth Rowan with BJ Cole & Deke Martin 'Black Candle' (Gareth Rowan). Copyright Gareth Rowan 2007 All Rights Reserved. What's Kickin' exclusive!
www.garethrowan.com .

8. The Family 'Falling For You' (Ashley James Weeks).
www.myspace.com/thefamilyonline .

9. The Dublo 'Cock Crow Blues' (P Bennett, the Dublo). Copyright 2008, recorded by Sam St.Leger. What's Kickin' exclusive!
www.myspace.com/thedublo .

Side 2

10. Some Dogs 'Jackson' - (G Rodgers & B Wheeler). Produced by P Laventhol, Goldtop Studios, Camden. What's Kickin' exclusive!
www.myspace.com/somedogs .

11. Hillbilly & The Bonfire 'Crash Hat' (Hillbilly & The Bonfire). What's Kickin' exclusive!
myspace.com/hillbillyandthebonfire .

12. Green Peppers 'The Long Road' (Jim McCulloch). Big Life Music Ltd. Featuring Melanie Whittle. Produced by Jim McCulloch. Taken from the Summer '08 Green Peppers release 'Golden Geese'.
www.myspace.com/jimmcculloch .

13. The Epstein 'Hudson' (Wills/the epstein). Produced by Prytherch / The Epstein. Published by Epstein Songs.
www.myspace.com/theepstein .

14. Cusack 'Friends Like Me' (Lance Baldock). Produced and recorded by Cusack and Mark Elliott at EMP Studios, Leigh On Sea, Essex. What's Kickin' exclusive!
www.myspace.com/cusackmusic .

15. The Shivers 'Sweet Lil' Cheat' (The Shivers, Shivers Music). Produced by Owen Turner & The Shivers at The Sick Room, Narborough.
www.myspace.com/theshiversband .

16. The Fabulous Penetrators 'Dixiefied' (The Fabulous Penetrators). Copyright Controlled by The Fabulous Penetrators 2008. Produced by The Fabulous Penetrators. What's Kickin' exclusive!
www.myspace.com/thefabulouspenetrators .

17. Ryan O'Reilly 'Nightmares' (Ryan O'Reilly/Tyler Kyte/Nick Rose).
www.myspace.com/ryanoreilly .

18. Walking Wounded 'Angels At Dawn' (Hugh Poulton). Produced by Hugh Poulton and Chris Clarke at Reservoir Studios, London. What's Kickin' exclusive!
www.walking-wounded.co.uk .

"What's Kickin' vol3" will be distributed by Cargo Records and available online from our good friends at Zingg Records.

Or even better treat yourself and come along and pick it up at any What's Cookin' night.

For further information please email: ramblin' steve , or phone/text: 07904 210218.

"What's Kickin' vol3" Stovepony Records WCMF005
Executive Producers: Stephen Ferguson & Gerry Ranson
Mastered by Paul Quinn www.paulmquinn.co.uk
Sleeve art by
Design by Martin Adams www.stolen-image.com

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