"what's kickin'... vol 4"
Stovepony Records wcmf004

'Money's Too Tight To Mention' sang The Valentine Brothers, later pilfered by Simply Red. But unlike the Simply's Mick we've all had to tighten our belts a bit this past year. So we'll come right out and say a big thanks for buying this record. You have impeccable taste, you really do. And its also thanks to you that What's Cookin' has been able to thrive (with the odd hiccup) over the past 5 years, bringing you the acts on this long player and dozens more of th same calibre.

There's no doubt about it, live music has had it tough of late, though in hard times we hope nights like What's Cookin' and others provide a bit of blessed relief from our daily troubles. So keep on coming, and if you've never been, we'd be glad to have yer. And if for some reason you can't get here, well, there are loads of other places who'd love to have yer!

So in the words of some other Reds - The Redskins - 'Keep On Keepin' On!'

To get your hands on a copy zap yerself over to Zingg Records or Cargo Recordswhere you can buy it by cheque/credit card/Paypal or download it from itunes

Or even better treat yourself and come along and pick it up at any What's Cookin' night.

"What's Kickin'...vol 4", Stovepony Records WCMF006

This is who you get...

Smokey Angle Shades - Don't Leave me,
(Smokey Angle Shades) Produced by Antonio Feola & Smokey Angle Shades @ Fish Factory Studios.

The Lucky Strikes - Morning Light,
(Keenan/Giles/Boulter/Bray) Recorded by Ben Millson and The Lucky Strikes at Ill Sound Production, Southend-on-Sea. Piano by Dave Dulake. Published by The Lucky Strikes. From the album "The Chronicles Of Solomon Quick" out on Stove Pony Records.

Lord Rochester - Deathbed,
(Tim Matthew) Recorded by Tim Matthew and Russell Wilkins. From the album "Hey!"

Quiet Loner - If Your Lips Move You're Lying,
(Matt Hill) Just say no! Go to no2id.net . Guest vocals - Lisa Redford / All instruments- Alan Cook. Copyright Matt Hill 2009. A WK4 exclusive!

Dan Raza & The Shrouds - Stay Away,
(Dan Raza) Produced by Paul 'Dank' Bishop. A WK4 exclusive!

Thomas Denver Jonsson - Willing Night Plants,
(Thomas Denver Jonsson) Recorded at Ready Steady Go! Studios by Carl Edlom, Sweden. Kite Publishing. A WK4 exclusive! Another version will appear on the album "Arctic".

Wolf People - Mercy II,
(Wolf People) Mixed by Ian Carter. From their forthcoming EP.

The Dankos - Walk With Me Now,
(S.Cullum/P.Kenneally/M.Farmer/J.Cullum) Recorded at Cowshed Studios, London 2007. Human Error Music, BMI. A WK4 exclusive!

Old Lost John - Smooth Lover,
(Tomas Thunberg) Produced by Tomas Thunberg. Copyright Tomas Thunberg/Old Lost John 2009. A WK4 exclusive!

Jeremy Gluck - Buried Not Dead,
(Jeremy Gluck/Carlo Cereda) Produced by Murgit. Recorded @ SILVERLINING Studio MILANO Italy by Massimiliano Ficara & The IndianPalms March 2007. Published by PRS-MCPS. A WK4 exclusive!

The Ugly Guys - Fragrance On The Wind,
(Steve Oliver) Produced by Steve Oliver and Paul Shuttleworth. Published by Bad Dog Tunes. From the album "The Road Goes on Forever" on Bad Dog Records.

The Blazing Zoos - Do You Have A Sister?,
(Andrew Mueller) Produced and engineered by Mark Wallis at Good Luck studios, London. From the forthcoming album "I'll Leave Quietly".

King Salami & The Cumberland 3 - Shake It Wild,
(King Salami & The Cumberland 3) Produced by the Cumberland 3. Recorded at the Mojo Box by Senor Enrique. From the Soundflat Records 7' SFR-45-012.

Mr Plow - This Is Trouble,
(Mr Plow) Engineered by Chris Thorley. Mastered by Brett Richardson. Taken from Mr Plow's EP "Four Murder Ballads" (Pink 12).

Ghost Town Showdown - Little Glass Of Wine,
(Trad. Arr. Ghost Town Showdown) Produced by Grant Leslie. From the Ghost Town Showdown EP.

Graham Larkbey & The Escape Committee - Take It As Read,
(Larkbey/EC) Produced by Mark Sutherland & Cherif Hashizume. Recorded at Cafe Music Studios. A WK4 exclusive!

The Henry Brothers - No Home, No Place To Pillow My Head,
(Trad. Arr. The Henry Brothers) From their EP "Murder Ballads & Death Songs".

Timothy Victor's Folk Orchestra - Louise,
(Timothy Victor) Produced by Owen Turner at the Sickroom. Exclusive track from their forthcoming album.

The Mildsensations - Mildsensations,
(Baldock/Boulter) Taken from the album "Mildsensations". Recorded by Mark Elliott at EMP Studios, Leigh On Sea, Essex.

Executive Producers: Stephen Ferguson, what's cookin'...
and Gerry Ranson, mulefreedom
Mastering: Paul Quinn www.paulmquinn.co.uk
Red squirrel - name and current whereabouts unknown!
Design Martin Adams
stolen-image and Alison Vickers

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