Walking Wounded
"Waiting On The Outside"

Stovepony Records wcmf007

An East London institution, Hackney's Walking Wounded have been ruffling feathers and weakening dancefloors in some shape or form for nearly thirty years. Gogol Bordello? Never 'eard of 'em! The Wounded pretty much invented gypsy-punk, or whatever you want to call it. They were the last band ever to play the legendary Vortex squat in Stoke Newington and their alternative anthem "Home Sweet Hackney" has its own Myspace! And what about their gypsy punk credentials? Frontman and songwriter Hugh Poulton has spent years living and working amongst the Roma people as Amnesty International as their senior researcher on Balkan affairs. Bringing these influences and experiences back to the UK, he's forged them into rousing floorfillers, built on a basis of guitar accordion, harmonica and occasional fiddle, with the odd essence of the Middle East, North Africa and the US thrown in. Recorded as close to live as possible by The Rockingbirds' Chris Clarke at his Reservoir Studio, Waiting On The Outside is the Wounded's ninth album and first to be widely distributed. The band recently came to the attention of acclaimed journalist and author of Princes Amongst Men, Garth Cartwright, who has featured them at numerous events.

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Walking Wounded, "Waiting On The Outside", Stovepony Records WCMF007

This is what you get...

1. Vino Ulje Rakija 2. Hackney Central/Murder Mile 3. Pictures 4. Talking Evolution 5. Now 6. Evening News 7. Angels At Dawn 8. Time Of Our Lives 9. Carnations & Pearls 10. Growing Old Disgracefully 11. Betwixt & Between 12. Waiting On The Outside.

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