The Lucky Strikes
"The Chronicles Of Solomon Quick"

Stovepony Records wcmf008

Howlin' outta the fertile Thames Delta region of Essex and influenced by the current crop of blue-collar blues marauders from the Fat Possum stable, The Lucky Strikes delivered their blistering debut at the start of 2008. Little over a year later, they're back with their sophomore release, and it's a very different kettle of fish.

The Chronicles of Solomon Quick tells the fictional story of the man responsible for the death of singer and guitarist Robert Johnson. Thirteen (lucky for some) sprawling songs blur reality and fiction, sanity and madness, morality and infamy. While Johnson's murder is the essential backdrop for the album, the seedy lives of a wide range of fictional characters are the focus. Fusing widescreen Americana, garage blues and bar room rock and roll, the record has more in common with a Nelson Algren novel or a series of the Wire than the generic indie currently being churned out by the endless list of disappointing bands who shall remain forever nameless. Fans of The Gun Club and mid-period Green On Red and anything produced by Jim Dickinson take note. The Lucky Strikes debut received a four-star review in Rock'n'Reel magazine, followed by a half-page feature in the current issue.

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The Lucky Strikes, "The Chronicles Of Solomon Quick", Stovepony Records WCMF008

The Tracks...

1. The Chronicles Of Solomon Quick 2. Morning Light 3. Second Act (Funeral) 4. Going Out West 5. Lemon Juice 6. Eyes On You 7. One Eyed Sam 8. Franklins 9. Greenwood, Mississippi 10. Sunlight Blues 11. Revelations 12. One Way Down 13. Sweet December.

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