The Lucky Strikes
"Gabriel, Forgive My 22 Sins"

Stovepony Records wcmf009

It's third album time for Stovepony's favourite Essex boys. Following on from their mould-shattering The Chronicles Of Solomon Quick, the Luckies once again buck with conventional trends to deliver another concept album of sorts. This time around they recount the sorry tale of on-the-ropes boxer Frankie Valentinez and his bouts with bribes, dives and devil-dealing. Is redemption at hand? Well listen to the album and find out.

Since last time, singer Tom Keenan has flown the nest, with bassist Matt Boulter switching to guitar and squeezing into Keenan's frontman shoes with nary a squeak. And he's proved himself a more than capable vocal replacement, as countless reviewers have already picked up on. Another big change is the arrival of banjo and fiddler Wild Jim Wilson, who gives the band a rootsier, folkier sound and the songs arguably much more depth. But have no fear, the Lucky Strikes still rock more than Chuck Berry in a rocking-chair on board a North Sea trawler!

Released on 31 January 2011, the album's been shifting units (as they say) like nobody's business, so get down to your local store, or visit Zingg Records today and pick one up (or order it)!

The Lucky Strikes, "Gabriel, Forgive My 22 Sins", Stovepony Records WCMF009

The Tracks...

1. The Boxer, The Bribe And A Father 2. Easily, Easily Until It's Done 3. The Road 4. Gabriel 5. Snake In The Grass 6. Slowly The Night Fades 7. Bel & The Dragon 8. The Fight 9. Man With The Golden Arm 10. Codeine 11. Romans 8 12. We Are Waves.

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